• Tel: Italia +39 340 1483019 China +86 156 02969791
  • Mail: info@nestarltd.com
  • Tel: Italia +39 340 1483019 China +86 156 02969791
  • Mail: info@nestarltd.com

Nestar ltd

We offering you China’s best with a click

The idea of NestarLtdis to provide the maximum efficiency in cooperation with Chinese companies and offering you the best products available delivered at your door. The great Chinese Empire offers today unlimited business opportunities and meanwhile makes business more and more risky. Our main goal is to minimize all the risks that may appear, inform our clients about and offer the best solutions to minimize the risk and hassle.

Nestar ltd China Trade - Import Export China

We choose only the best

Our task is to perform a thorough investigation of the market for you to choose the products to the top of the quality / price that the market offers. We go in the companies of their respective manufacturers evaluating and select the goods according to your requests .

  • Seriousness above all
    The companies we work with are all very competitive and versatile series with standard highly productive and high quality .
  • Your satisfaction is our target
    We follow carefully each step of the product from production , to our warehouses , shipping until your delivery , all with great dedication and competence .